Snail Mail

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Nothing tells someone you value them like taking the time to think enough in advance for how the letter will take to arrive, write with your bare hand, lick the really gross sealing thing, pay the some odd cents for a stamp, and wait patiently for a letter back (goodness forbid they just send you a text). True love right there, am I right?

Sometimes you do not know that a letter is waiting for you in the mailbox, and it’a a happy surprise. Sometimes you do know and the excitement builds (or the impatience) as you wait for it to arrive. Either way, they are so much better than the every day bills and advertisements that come your way.

Here’s the thing: hearing from God is a lot like waiting for a handwritten letter. More often than not we wonder why God is not speaking to us. We grow impatient as we wait for the answer to come, and then give up when it doesn’t come in the time we want it to. But on the other end, God is writing an intentional and unique response to send your way just when you NEED it, not when you want it. And because of that, we aren’t always there to open the mailbox when the time comes. Instead, we sift through our own answers or ones other people throw at us, and a lot of times it’s junk mail. Then, when we finally get the mail, we realize what we missed.

I have missed out on so many important words from the Lord, but I have also heard many. And let me tell you, his are always so much better than mine, without fail. Just like opening that surprise letter, his words are refreshing and just so much more exciting than anyone else’s.

So the next time you ask the Lord to speak, remember that He loves you enough to spend the time and lick the envelope even when He knows there’s a chance you won’t open the letter. So take the time to check the mailbox each day until a letter arrives. Because even though we don’t know when it’s going to arrive, it will and it will be worth the wait.

♡ a tethered heart