Take a Shower

You know how some people drink coffee to function at their best, others take a nap to solve a problem they previously couldn’t, and others fidget with things to focus? Everyone seems to have something that motivates them, but it isn’t that simple for me. I can’t just drink something, fall asleep real quick (although I wish I could because I love naps a lot), or pick up something around me. No, I have to be in a home, preferably mine, which is not where I am a lot of the time! And that is because my thing is… drum role please… taking a shower.

Now let me explain. A lot of people have shower thoughts, and many of those people are those who take really long showers and have the time to get lost in their mind. This is not the same as that. If I step into a shower with the need for an idea, I step out of the shower with the best one. It’s literally insane. It doesn’t matter how long the shower is, it just happens. Even when I am not in need of an idea, I get one. Pretty much every time. I need some kind of waterproof notepad because I’m always rushing out of the shower to write everything down before I forget any of it (because it’s usually many things). Just the other day I couldn’t figure out what to write, so I took a shower and came running out to write my blog! What’s more, a shower gave me the idea to start a blog in the first place! My family finds it quite entertaining to find out what I discovered each time I open the door. I personally think it’s quite fascinating, and usually I’m pretty excited to take a shower.

Here’s the thing though. You may already know this (if not, sorry for the spoiler), but the shower is not magic. And it took me a while to realize (in a recent shower) that the reason it happens is because the shower is the one place I am completely attentive, without distraction. It is the one place the Lord can reach me without anything else getting in the way. Even when I’m praying or doing my quiet time, I’ll see something as my mind wanders off. But in the shower I’m staring at blank walls. Yes, my mind can wander in the shower too, but at this point I am so expectant of the ideas to come that it is all I focus on. I remembered how I used to make it a point to pray while in the shower and realized that overtime I have subconsciously trained myself to focus solely on God while in the shower.

So full discloser: It is not the shower that gives me ideas, it is the Lord using something as simple as a shower to reach me.

I think it is so amazing that He loves me enough to meet me wherever and whenever I am available, since I usually make myself unavailable. His grace literally washes over me as he speaks to me in giant gushes all at once since I fail to hear his gradual whispers throughout the day. He has not given up on me and he will never give up on me. And the same is true for you.

What I’m saying is that you don’t have to go take a literal shower (unless you stink, then please do), but go take a shower! Find that space where you can meet with your Father without anything else party crashing. I say party crashing because that time with Him is a party, at least in my opinion. Just the other day I came bursting out of the shower and found myself jumping on the couch, which I really never did as a child. It was pretty fun, not gonna lie.

SO! I dare you to give God a few spare minutes (but they gotta be good minutes, none of that pray for a bit then look at your phone for a bit nonsense, which I am guilty of) and see where He takes you. You just might find yourself getting told to stop breaking the couch 🙂

♡ a tethered heart