An Ending and a Beginning

Hello my people!

I know what you’re thinking.. Dannah’s still blogging? She’s been back for two whole weeks! Or maybe you don’t know how long I’ve been back because I haven’t blogged since I stepped foot in the wonderful ATX (oops). I would say shame on me, but I know the one and only Kelsey Eiles would appear over my shoulder and rebuke those words and tell me that shame does not come from the Lord and therefore has no place (thank you Kelsey for your many words of wisdom). But I am dearly sorry, it has taken me many hours to debrief my month in Nepal… and quite honestly I’m not even close to done. And that’s the reason I haven’t banged my fingers on the keys in a while. 

I gotta admit I had this “perfect” idea in my head that I would come home, get my whole life together, and pop on the blog to announce some grand plan for my future and tell you what God’s plan is for my life down to the T. But of course that didn’t happen. Yes, the Lord gave me some really exciting ideas for the future (more on that later), but it’s not like he handed me a book that tells me how the journey will start and end. That’s never how it works… and I laugh at myself now for thinking it would. We are all living stories that the Lord is beautifully writing, placing each word down on the page in his perfect timing. As he closed the chapter on Nepal, he intertwined some foreshadowing into his narrative to hint at future events in the book. He didn’t spoil the ending, that wouldn’t be any fun! Instead, he spilled just enough to keep the main character (me in this case) on her toes in anticipation. 

So without further ado, I am here to announce that I will be starting my own blog in the near future, so stay tuned! This is just the beginning… :))


P.S. This blog and all blogs before this one were written on a different platform that I used while on mission in Nepal. So you are a witness that I did in fact create my own personal blog 🙂

An Attitude of Gratitude

Abba Father,

Thank you for challenges and risks

Thank you for stories used to encourage and reflect your glory

Thank you for passions to pursue

Thank you for the Holy Spirit’s heart beat in my chest

Thank you for bringing my prayers into the light

Thank you for spontaneous and grounded worship

Thank you for getting in the way when I step out in the wrong direction

Thank you for unearned abundance

Thank you for being an ever present and living God

Thank you for intimacy and depth

Thank you for your presence in nature

Thank you for making me a vessel of your sweet whispers

Thank you for incomprehensible love

Thank you for the pure refreshment found in abiding and resting

Thank you for real and raw community

Thank you for bearing fruit from faith as small as a mustard seed

Thank you for always showing up

Thank you for the slight discomfort on earth and hunger for a heavenly home

Thank you for new mornings that bring new promises

Thank you for walls that come crashing down

Thank you for every beautiful brother and sister

Thank you for turning weakness into strength

Thank you for rapid growth

Thank you for the intentionality of your plan for each life you love so dearly

Thank you for speaking so boldly and clearly even when you are cut off and ignored

Thank you for smiles

Thank you for laughs

Thank you for tears

Thank you for the highs and lows

Thank you for each purposeful moment 

Thank you for the beautiful journey


A tethered heart

A Change of Perspective

Most people use mountains as a symbol of the big and ominous trials of life. They focus on moving mountains and getting over mountains. They see mountains with a filter of fear, anxiety, and stubbornness. It looks something like this: 

But what if we looked at mountains as big and beautiful rather than big and scary. The mountains bow in reverence to the Lord Almighty, so there is no need to fear them. They were created to show the power and majesty of the Lord, who is for us and not against us. They were not created to turn us away from the Lord, but to pull us in closer as we gaze in awe and wonder of our massive and mysterious God. 

We spent the end of our time in Nepal doing trekking ministry. After a couple days of trekking through the Annapurna Mountains in the Himalayas, we spent time evangelizing in a secluded village, and then trekked to Pokhara to spend the night before heading home. 

After the first day of trekking, we stayed the night at a trekking lodge and it was such a sweet time. We drank lots of tea, ate meals, and bonded as a team all while looking out at the Lord’s beautiful creation around us. It was rainy most of the time, so we were basically hanging out in the clouds that surrounded us. Regardless, the view was breathtaking. The mountains hid us from the rest of the world and it felt so peaceful. Little did we know we hadn’t seen anything yet. In the morning the clouds had disappeared and in there place stood mountains that made you strain your neck to see. It was unreal how big they were, and somehow we couldn’t see them the day before. After a mere ten minutes of gazing with jaws dropped, the clouds rolled in once again and the bigger mountains disappeared. 

In that moment I realized that what I had just witnessed was just like our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Most of the time we question if the Lord is working in our life or if he really has a plan because we can’t see him or hear him. But just like the mountains hidden by the clouds, our heavenly vision is often clouded by our earthly vision, our earthly desires. The Lord is always present, he is always moving, we just can’t always see it. But we have to trust in the moments that life is cloudy that the Lord will bring clarity, because he WILL show up in BIG ways. And we can’t just go on about our own lives not taking the time to wait for the Lord because we will miss it if we don’t take time to be still and abide in Him. Instead, bow in reverence to the Lord our God, just like the beautiful mountains do. 

So next time you see a mountain, look at it more like this: 

Now I will step off my soap box and get to packing because next stop…. USA!