An Ending and a Beginning

Hello my people!

I know what you’re thinking.. Dannah’s still blogging? She’s been back for two whole weeks! Or maybe you don’t know how long I’ve been back because I haven’t blogged since I stepped foot in the wonderful ATX (oops). I would say shame on me, but I know the one and only Kelsey Eiles would appear over my shoulder and rebuke those words and tell me that shame does not come from the Lord and therefore has no place (thank you Kelsey for your many words of wisdom). But I am dearly sorry, it has taken me many hours to debrief my month in Nepal… and quite honestly I’m not even close to done. And that’s the reason I haven’t banged my fingers on the keys in a while. 

I gotta admit I had this “perfect” idea in my head that I would come home, get my whole life together, and pop on the blog to announce some grand plan for my future and tell you what God’s plan is for my life down to the T. But of course that didn’t happen. Yes, the Lord gave me some really exciting ideas for the future (more on that later), but it’s not like he handed me a book that tells me how the journey will start and end. That’s never how it works… and I laugh at myself now for thinking it would. We are all living stories that the Lord is beautifully writing, placing each word down on the page in his perfect timing. As he closed the chapter on Nepal, he intertwined some foreshadowing into his narrative to hint at future events in the book. He didn’t spoil the ending, that wouldn’t be any fun! Instead, he spilled just enough to keep the main character (me in this case) on her toes in anticipation. 

So without further ado, I am here to announce that I will be starting my own blog in the near future, so stay tuned! This is just the beginning… :))


P.S. This blog and all blogs before this one were written on a different platform that I used while on mission in Nepal. So you are a witness that I did in fact create my own personal blog 🙂

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